Guess Who We Found!! Cassper’s lookalike!

Guess What We Found!! Casspers lookalike!

Guess What We Found!! Casspers lookalike!

Guess Who We Found!! Casspers lookalike!

It’s not amazing to have a look-a-like. I mean, in a country with 55.91 million people you’re bound to find someone that shares your resemblance. Now imagine out of all those people and you look like Abuti Fill-Up.

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Well, that seems to be the reality for this gentleman who was found in Braamfontein Gate. He was the splitting image of Cassper (well, probably ‘Doc Shebeleza’ Cassper but still him), right down to the beard. Imagine.

The irony about this is just last week Cassper found AKA’s ‘twin’ at the barber. Maybe the two lookalikes should have a battle, once, so we can see who’ll come out the winner since we won’t get a battle from the real guys? Or they should just be best friends and pull the biggest media stunt EVER. Whose ‘twin’ would you want to be for a day?

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