Babes Wodumo & Mampintsha Choose To Ignore Haters

babes wodumo & mampintsha not-engaging-haters-in-petty-and-unproductive-battles_babes-wodumo-mampintsha-not-engaging-haters-in-petty-and-unproductive-battles_www_hiphophits_co

babes wodumo & mampintsha not-engaging-haters-in-petty-and-unproductive-battles_babes-wodumo-mampintsha-not-engaging-haters-in-petty-and-unproductive-battles_www_hiphophits_co

Babes Wodumo & Mampintsha Choose To Ignore Haters

Amidst all of the publicity and negative press trailing Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha, the West Ink duo have now released a statement to state where their priority lies and ignore the haters.

Recent news headlines have accused Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha of everything from charging too much appearance fees, to falling out with former mentor, Dj Tira and even rumours of possible engagement.

babes wodumo & mampintsha _www_hiphophits_co

However, rather than be bothered by all of these distractions, West Ink released a statement which was duly shared by the duo of Babes Wodumo & Mampintsha across their social channels.

The statement insists they are only focusing on the foundation of Babes Wodumo and the upcoming single of Mampintsha, rather than getting engaged in petty and unproductive battles which was never the founding vision of West Ink Records.

Peep the official statement below and share your thoughts.

“The founding vision of West Ink Records was never to engage in petty and unproductive battles that benefit no one. It was to explore , expand and break new grounds in the entertainment industry. our core business is making music, discovering new talent and making a difference in the creative arts industry.

We would rather be talking about Babes Wodumo’s Foundation and her new single thats coming out, Mampintsha’s hit single Amaketanga and his upcoming single that will change the game than to be continously dragged into the media for the wrong reasons. we want to talk about good stories and most importantly we want peace.

we hope that the prevailing hostilities and challenges we have found ourselves in will soon be resolved. however, and unfortunately , we have no control over what other people do or say and their agenda on us. At the height of it all, our adversaries will ramp up their offensive and they will throw everything at us.

A lot will be said, facts will be doctored and lies will be manufactured all in an attempt to tarnish our image and bring us down. but we will not be distracted by all that and lose our focus. ours is to make the people dance, okunye nokunye sikubeka kumdali.”

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